Why Commercial Alarm Systems are Vital for Franchisees

Does your head office have an alarm system, but your franchisees don’t? Even if your headquarters has adequate security, you are still at risk if you don’t have a system at each one of your franchise locations. Let us show you why commercial alarm systems are vital for franchisees and how they can safeguard your entire company operations from unwanted business disruptions and theft.

Protects Your Trade Secrets

The main reason commercial alarm systems are vital for franchisees is that it keeps your property and valuable information safe. Since each one of your franchisees have your important trade secrets, a break in could end up costing your business thousands, in addition to leaking your sensitive information, methods and formulas. As you can imagine, this can put your business at significant risk.

Protects Your Clients and Investors

Business theft can also expose your clients and investors to risk as well. If someone steals your confidential documents that details investor and client information, you could be held liable for any damages this incurs.

Protects You From Business Interruption

An unexpected fire or flood could force your franchisee to close down or relocate. Instead, you need a system that will notify authorities as soon as an alarm is activated. This will ensure authorities are on sight fast, which can reduce costly damage.

Protects Your Business From Liability

An alarm system with built in cameras can also help you determine if a liability suit is legitimate or not. For instance, without cameras it’s hard to prove if your employee did indeed fall and injure themselves on your property.

Protects You From Employee Theft

When your business has a number of franchisees operating, it’s hard for you to oversee the day to day operations at each location. This makes employee theft a real threat, especially if your manager is the one with their hands in the register. An alarm system will ensure that your IT team can monitor employees in order to prevent lost revenue.

Reduce your risks by getting a commercial alarm system for your franchisees. At Bee Alarmed, our systems are designed to help prevent burglars from even attempting to enter your properties. Best of all, our systems can be fully customized to suit your business needs. To learn more about our state-of-the-art systems and what we offer, contact us today.

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