Burglary and Break and Entering Forecasts 2019

Property crime has been a concern for many Canadian cities – especially in Ottawa. Just last year there were 2686 breaking and entering incidents reported to the police in the Ottawa area. If the numbers continue in this direction, we can expect burglary and break ins to increase well into 2019, especially with the following factors at play:

Lax Laws

Why is crime increasing? Some believe that the laws surrounding burglary and break and entering are not strict enough. In fact, most repeat offenders are often released the same day, even for those who have had as many as six or seven previous releases. Not only does this greatly reduce the public safety of an area but it also costs the community a lot of money.

Increased Cost Of Living

Canada has also become increasingly more expensive to live in. With interest rates on the rise, high debt-to-income ratios, and the increase in consumer costs, many people have become strapped for cash and even desperate. This results in more break and entering cases all across the country.

Substance Abuse

Police have also reported that there is a direct link between substance abuse and break ins. In many cases, break ins are often committed when people are under the influence of drugs.

Small Police Force

Compared to other major cities, Ottawa has fewer police offers in proportion to the population, according to Statistics Canada. There was also a decrease in community officers which are the public face of many neighbourhoods. Although the city plans to hire more officers, the Ottawa Police service has been restricted to two per cent budget increases over the past several years, so it’s hard to tell how many more will be hired in the near future.

More Than 20,000 Property Crimes in Ottawa A Year

The numbers are real. There are more than 20,000 instances of crimes against property every year in Ottawa. In fact, more than 2,000 yearly reports of breaking and entering are reported. And all thorughout Canada, a home break-in happens every 90 seconds. With the increase in property crime in our country, you need an efficient way to stop burglars in their tracks by crime proofing your home. That includes an alarm system that provides around the clock monitoring.

At Bee Alarmed, we offer full-scale residential security systems that include monitoring from our world class, ULC-certified station in Ottawa. We also use state-of-the-art security equipment, like our cameras, motion detectors, door and window contacts and decals. We’ll hook up your wireless smoke detectors and heat sensors to our monitoring station our operators can send out a request to emergency services immediately if they’re triggered. No matter what is happening outside in the world, when you have our security system installed, you can sleep safe and sound. Get in touch today to learn more!

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