Home and Business Prewiring


Even in a wireless world, many of the components that make our homes and businesses function must be directly wired. If you’re at home, you want to watch the big game on Saturday night, browse the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or tidy up the house with the central vac before the in-laws come – all of these systems are wired somewhere along the line. At work, prewiring helps business processes run smoothly so you can focus on your core competencies and get the job done without unsightly wires crowding the way.

Prewiring helps business processes run smoothly so you can focus on getting the job done.

Home builders, commercial developers, and people moving into new offices and new construction homes trust Bee Alarmed for structured wiring and prewire service, including:

Phone line installation
Cable installation
Satellite wire installation
Network installation
Security system wire installation
Home audio wire installation
Central vac line installation
Electrical wiring
Home systems cabling

Home systems like phones, internet, audio and entertainment, intercoms, security systems, home automation systems, and surveillance cameras require prewiring. If you can’t take advantage of prewiring, an unsightly mess of wires will begin to accumulate and drape around your home. Prewiring keeps your home clean and lean. Beyond the aesthetics, a professionally prewired home is safer and more efficient.

In a commercial environment, prewiring is necessary for phone, internet, audio, security, and surveillance systems. Prewiring keeps your office or storefront looking clean and professional.

Contact Bee Alarmed to learn more about our structured wiring and prewiring services.

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