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Whether you own a house, live in a townhome, or call a condo home, safety and security should always be a top priority. Deter intruders, protect your home, and keep your family safe with a residential security system. You’re unique, and we understand that an effective security system has to be customized to your needs and lifestyle. That’s why we meet with every client in person to understand your individual needs, assess the layout of your home, and tailor a home security system that is uniquely yours.

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No matter the situation, we will design, install, and monitor a home security solution that makes sense for you.

Home Security Fast Facts

Home break-ins happen every 90 seconds
in Canada
More than 20,000 instances of crimes against property yearly in Ottawa
More than 2,000 yearly reports of breaking and entering in Ottawa
60% of burglars would seek another target if there was an active alarm system
Homes with security systems are 6 to 15 times less likely to be burglarized
A home security system can reduce your home insurance premiums by 10-15%

We cater to the customer’s schedule. We can arrange installation during the daytime, evening, or weekend. Our certified technicians will install a state-of-the-art security system, including detectors, sensors, contacts, and a user-friendly control panel so you have total control over the security of your home.

We understand that customers want an immediate response and resolution when their home security is involved. If you have any problems or concerns with your home security system, a qualified service technician will resolve the issue within 24 hours.

We will monitor your home from our world class, ULC-certified monitoring station located right here in Ottawa. The local station is linked to a network of stations in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, and Sydney, NS, ensuring that even in the case of an emergency (ice storm, flooding, major power outage), monitoring will transition instantly and smoothly to a backup station.

If an alarm is trigged, it will instantly alert our operators. Bee Alarmed will follow the customized response procedure that you have selected. Typically, we seek proper identification from the person on the premise. If the person cannot provide satisfactory identification, we will follow instructed dispatch procedures (eg. police dispatch, private guard dispatch). In the event that our sensors detect fire, flood, or a medical emergency is signaled, we will dispatch the appropriate service (eg: fire department dispatch, ambulance dispatch).

Whether you are on vacation, at work, or sleeping snugly in your bed, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe.

Your home security system can be as robust or as slim as you prefer. Our representatives would be happy to guide you through the options and design a residential security system that makes sense for your needs and lifestyle.

Our intrusion monitoring system (door/window contacts, wireless motion detectors, cameras) will trigger an alarm if it senses an intruder in a protected area. Combined with outdoor cameras, motion-sensitive lights, and window decals, this system can also be a very effective intrusion deterrence system. See more on our video surveillance/camera installation page.

Sleep tight and save lives with our fire monitoring system. Wireless smoke detectors and heat sensors are connected to our ULC-certified monitoring station. When smoke is detected, it automatically alerts our operators to send a request for emergency services. Even if no one is home, the quick response will keep your valuables – and your home itself – safe and sound.

Stay connected to home no matter where you are in the world with smart home monitoring. Set the ideal temperature with remote temperature control, check in on the kids after school with a camera system, arm/disarm the system remotely, and receive alarms for system events like power outages. It’s the smarter way to stay close to home.

If ever you need assistance including a medical emergency at home, you can request emergency services access directly through your keypad. This will immediately connect you with our operator to dispatch police, fire, or ambulance service for your emergency.

Flood sensors can alert us to the first signs of unwanted water from a leak, burst pipe, or environmental cause – before water has the chance to do costly damage. A water level monitor will detect water leaks from a sump pump and other devices to dispatch emergency services if needed.

For home builders and families designing a custom home from the ground up, prewiring makes everything easier. Bee Alarmed offers prewiring services, including phone, data, internet, cable, satellite, and central vac rough-ins. Learn more on our prewiring services page.

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