How to Protect Your Home from a Burglary

Home is where we feel most at ease and safe. But considering break-ins happen every 90 seconds in Canada, it can easily become a target without the right security measures in place. Keep your family and your valuables safe from any intruders with these tips on how to protect your home from burglary.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Adding motion sensor lights around the exterior of your home is a simple and effective step you can take to deter burglars. When any motion is detected, the spotlights will turn on and illuminate any of those darkened corners around the perimeter of the house that are common targets for entry.

Keep Curtains Closed in Dim Evenings

Burglars often spend time surveying neighbourhoods and particular homes, monitoring activity and trying to get a glimpse inside to see what’s there for the taking. To keep any prying eyes away from your home and valuables, close the curtain or blinds as soon as the sunsets. Dim evenings make it much easier to see clearly inside. So be cautious of what you’re showing off to the people passing by.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Burglars tend to target areas where there isn’t much of a community since they can go undetected more easily. And a lack of communication between neighbours also means they won’t necessarily be pinpointed as a stranger. Getting to know your neighbours can be incredibly valuable for safeguarding the neighbourhood since you can get familiar with who’s living nearby, stay alert, and look out for each other if there’s ever any suspicious activity.

Ensure Doors and Windows are Locked

It sounds simple but you’d be surprised to learn how frequently homeowners leave their doors and windows unlocked. All it takes is a few seconds for a burglar to access your home. So even if you feel like your area is safe, protect your home by always locking up, especially when it comes to any discreet entranceways, like the garage or a side door.

Install Security System

Aside from offering maximum protection for your home, homes with security systems are 6 to 15 times less likely to be targeted for break-ins. Advanced systems today can be controlled and accessed right from your mobile device. And with 24/7 monitoring, if an alarm is triggered, operators can dispatch the appropriate authorities to keep you and your family safe. When it comes to protecting your largest investment, a security system can be well worth it.

Give your home the advanced protection it deserves with Bee Alarmed security systems. Whether you live in a house, condo or townhome, we can install a tailored home security system that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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