How Do Home Alarms Work?

Security systems are important for enhancing our safety. But have you ever wondered how exactly home alarms work to keep you and your family safe? Check out our quick guide here that will give you a real inside look into how alarms operate to keep your home protected (and why they’re a must-have for any homeowner today).

Interworking Components

A typical home alarm system is made up of a number of interworking components that communicate directly to the main control panel. A comprehensive system will include a number of door and window sensors, in addition to surveillance cameras, yard signs and stickers, an alarm, as well as offsite monitoring. How does it work? All the components work together to ensure that any entry points are well secured from a break in. In the case that a sensor is tripped or an area is breached, a signal gets sent to the control panel, and an alarm is activated which then notifies the monitoring company of the potential breach or intrusion.  

Notify Authorities

When a sensor is activated and the alarm company is contacted, a trained security expert will “remote in” to view the cameras in order to inspect the situation. In the event of an actual security breach, the monitoring company will notify the appropriate authorities (police, paramedics, or firefighters) to arrive on site. With offsite monitoring, you get around the clock protection and exceptional response times.

Monitor the Perimeter

State-of-the-art alarm systems will also offer remote access to surveillance cameras by way of online apps. This allows homeowners to monitor their home at any time and from anywhere around the world. This is particularly useful when a homeowner is away at work or on vacation and they want to monitor their entrances, watch over landscapers and caregivers, or keep tabs on their kids. 

Record Activity

The cameras are used to record any security breaches which can be given to the authorities to help apprehend any burglars. Some cameras even have enough power to record license plate numbers which can be very useful in identifying thieves and deterring future crime. 

You can make sure your home isn’t an easy target by contacting us today. We will work closely with you to assess your home security needs and create a customized alarm system that will safeguard your home with maximum protection. With world-class, ULC-certified monitoring right here in Ottawa, our clients are protected around the clock with the fastest dispatch services on the market. Whether it’s an attempted invasion, fire, flood, or medical emergency, our alarms will dispatch the appropriate services to keep your home and family safe. 

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