5 Things You Should Know About Prewiring
Do you know why people prewire their homes? Here are a few things you should know about prewiring and why it’s important to have installed.

Creates a Direct Connection

Prewiring involves installing the wires behind the walls as part of the construction or renovation process. Without prewiring, every time a new smart device needs to be integrated, you’ll need to add a new WI-FI connection to run all these things. This can create data overload, expensive bills, and other issues when trying to run everything off your one plan. Directly connected cables, on the other hand, can ensure faster delivery of information and reduce the potential of interruption each time you add a new device.

Reduces Costs Down the Road

It’s difficult to anticipate what technology may be released in the future. It was only twenty years ago that WIFI was invented. If people knew that WIFI technology would become an essential part of their everyday lives, they would have likely planned to have the right wire framework in place instead of paying more to have their walls stripped down to add new connections. It would have saved everyone a lot of time and money if they had done a little pre-planning. That’s why every homeowner should consider getting their home prewired today. By adding the proper framework now, you’ll always be able to seamlessly integrate any new technology that enters our world.

Prepares Your Home for Smart Tech

Smart technology is changing the landscape of home automation. Today, you can connect all of your TVs, video surveillance cameras, lighting, heating and cooling systems, internet connections, phones, smoke detectors, irrigation systems, home theatres and audio systems together to be controlled at one particular point. However, it’s incredibly difficult to set all of this up to work together if you don’t have prewiring put in place. If you don’t want to limit your options now and, in the future, you need to have the right cables installed in the right places.

Keeps Your Home Tidy and Safe

If you don’t take advantage of pre-wiring, you’ll be left with an unsightly mess of wires around your home every time you add a new device. Prewiring ensures you have a tidy interior and exterior that’s free of any unsightly cables.

It’s More Affordable than You Think

It’s far more affordable than most people think to get prewiring done for their home. Plus, having the correct placement of wires from the beginning can also save you big on contractor costs to re-organize and install new cables each time you want to add something new to your home tech system. In reality, it’s a small investment that will add significant value to your home while being much more convenient for you. Don’t make the mistake of skipping out on prewiring during the construction or renovation phase. Contact us at Bee Alarmed, and we’ll help you get the prewiring you need for all of your devices now and in the future.

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