Smoke Detectors 101

If you there isn’t a smoke alarm installed in your home, you should seriously consider getting one. While it cannot always guarantee your safety from fire incidents, it’s a necessary step to protect your family and yourself from fire. When installed properly and maintained, you can at least be ready for an emergency situation and greatly increase your odds of survival. Keep this Smoke Detector 101 guide handy, as it outlines everything you need to know.


Age Matters

When it comes to the age of your smoke detectors, you want to ensure that yours is in good working condition and won’t falter without you noticing. If you have a detector over 10 years old, it’s time to consider buying a new one. You can research online about the different types available, and read reviews that others have written about their experiences to find one that meets your unique safety needs.


One Is Not Necessarily Enough

If you own an apartment or condominium, one smoke alarm can be enough to keep you safe. That being said, if you live in a two storey complex or larger home, then you will need to consider installing an alarm on each level of your home.


Proper Placement Is Important

When installing your smoke alarm, make sure it’s installed outside of the bedrooms, on a flat surface of the ceiling. Most devices will come with a set of specific instructions, so make sure you read them carefully before installing. Some alarms will need to be installed by a professional, so ensure you talk to one before you attempt to install it by yourself, as improper installation could cause an alarm to malfunction.


Routine Testing Is Necessary

Once installed, make sure you test the smoke detector on a frequent basis. On a monthly basis, remember to test the batteries and replace old ones with new ones. Many detectors will frequently beep when the batteries are low. It’s a common mistake to take them out and forget to replace them with new ones; make sure to always change the batteries right away. If it helps, create a scheduled reminder in your phone or on your calendar to never miss a routine test.


Always Create A Home Evacuation Plan

In case of fire, everyone in your family should know exactly what to do to exit your home carefully and quickly. Prepare a home evacuation plan and make sure that your family is fully aware of what to do in case of a fire.


Don’t Forget to Clean Your Alarm

Like any other appliance or surface in your home, a smoke alarm will need regular dusting and cleaning. Dust can impact the performance of your alarm similar to any other appliance or device you use around the house.

A smoke alarm is your first defence against a fire to help keep you and your family safe and prepared. By carrying out these steps to strategically locating alarm and routinely checking that it functions properly, you can ensure your smoke detector is one you can depend on.


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