What Are Your Home’s Top Security Risks?

Our home is our haven – somewhere that we should feel safe and comfortable. When it comes to break-ins, it can often seem like an obscure concept that only really happens to other people, but the reality is that break-ins occur more frequently than you may realize. In fact, according to SGI Canada’s Crime Statistics, a residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada.

It doesn’t matter where you live, it’s important your home is protected by a proper residential security system, otherwise it can be an easy target for thieves. So if you’re not sure if you have security risks, read on as we outline the top 5 home risks that may surprise you.


Open Curtains

We are all guilty of leaving our curtains open during the late evening or every so often when we’re away from home; this can be a costly mistake. Smart burglars can easily learn the layout of your home and your schedule when your curtains are open. Not closing your curtains can be a way for intruders to plan quick snatch and grab jobs for valuable items located close to your windows. To help deter that from happening, make sure to keep all your curtains and blinds closed during the evening when it’s easy to see inside, and close them if you plan on being out late.


No Security Camera

You may be surprised to learn that your front door is often the first place where burglars access your home. If you have a security camera, burglars will think twice about being caught on film, as it’s one of a thief’s main deterrents. It can also keep you in the loop about activity around your house, as some models connect directly to your security system and notify you of any suspicious activity around your home.


Unlocked Doors And Garages

In many cases, homes can be entered even when someone is at home. Leaving your front door unlocked while you are out in the back yard or garden leaves your home vulnerable. Professional thieves can enter your home, rob you and exit in as little as five to ten minutes without being noticed. Many families also leave their garage doors unlocked and this is one easy way for burglars to enter your home and also access tools that can help them break in.  Keep your doors locked at all times, and consider buying a keyless lock that you can access through your smartphone.


Easy Accessible Windows

Windows are another easy route for burglars to break in. If your windows don’t have proper locking devices or security features, you could be at risk. Having a security system that notifies you when a window is opened or entered gives you time to react and immediately notify the authorities.


Not Having A Security System On Display

An important security risk is not having your security system clearly on display. If a burglar sees a security system through the windows, or decals on your windows stating that your property is protected, they will likely skip your home and start looking for an easier target. Avoid being an attractive target to thieves by ensuring that your home security system is clearly noticeable.

We believe every family can reduce their security risks from burglars without breaking the bank: that’s why we offer security systems to suit a range of different budgets to help remove your home security weaknesses and give your family some peace of mind.

At Bee Alarmed, we want to help you design a home security system for your unique home, needs and budget. Contact us to find a fully customized home security solution that works for you.

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