Is Your Home Less Secure Than You Think?


Most burglaries can be easily avoided. By changing some of your common household habits that lead to security risks, you can reduce the chances of finding out that your home has been robbed. Here we help you to determine if your home is less secure than you think and how you can quickly safeguard it more effectively.


Do you close the blinds?

Leaving your blinds and curtains open makes it easy for burglars to peer in and look for items worth stealing. Make sure your blinds are closed whenever you leave the house or when you’re at home alone. Also, it’s good practice during the evening to keep the curtains closed as interior lights make it easier for people to see in. As a rule of thumb, never leave anything valuable out in plain sight or around the windows.


Do you leave your doors and windows unlocked?

Many people get a false sense of security when they live in a neighbourhood considered “safe.” But no matter what neighbourhood you live in, if your house is not secure it can be a target for theft. Make sure your doors are always locked even when you’re in the house. And lock your windows in rooms you’re not occupying. If you have spare keys, ensure they are not hidden outdoors, as this is the first place that burglars will look. Instead leave a spare set with a trusted neighbour or relative. You should also consider getting an automatic door lock or Bluetooth device that allows you to lock and unlock your door with your smartphone.


Do you have a home security system?

A home security system is your best line of defense for effectively protecting your family against security risks. Not only does the system alarm you of a break-in, but it can also alert you of fire or carbon monoxide in the home. And once the alarm is activated the necessary local authorities are called – which will be enough to convince the burglars to start running out your door.


Do you have a security camera?

Your front door area is one of the most popular places for burglars to enter. But with a security camera in place you can cut that risk down dramatically. The best types of cameras are ones that integrate completely with your home security system. Many models also be monitored while you are out, through an online app.


Do you have outdoor lighting?

Most burglaries happen at night where thieves can enter your home without being noticed. If you have dark entranceways or areas surrounding your home, make sure to add a light to illuminate potential entry spots. Motion activated lights are a great option to save on energy bills and provide needed protection.


Do you keep your garage open?

A garage is often filled with tools that could help a burglar gain easier access to your home. Think ladders and other materials that can be used to access windows and locks. Make sure your garage is locked up and the windows are covered so thieves cannot see inside.

Don’t overlook security risks at home. Familiarize yourself with all the common mistakes people make when attempting to securing their home. And if you haven’t already taken the necessary precautions, consider taking the first step today and installing a home security system to help better protect your family and belongings.


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