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Why has Bee Alarmed quickly become a leading home alarm and security provider in the Ottawa area? We believe it has something to do with our dedication in providing superior customer care, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few of our many success stories from our customers to help you get a better understanding of the type of service and customer support that we provide.

“Professional and Timely”

Thank you for providing excellent and thorough customer service. You answered all of our questions and installed the system in a professional and timely manner. Bee Alarmed staff were very professional and gave us every confidence we were in competent hands. We will definitely be recommending Bee Alarmed to our family and friends.

– Craig

“Dedication to Customer Service”

As you know, we will soon be moving into our new home in Cardinal Creek Village in the east end of Ottawa (Orleans). The provider for our security system and home monitoring services is among the simplest decision. In fact, based on the excellent service we received from you and your colleagues over the past eight years, we would not consider any other provider than Bee Alarmed Limited.

Over the last eight years, the quality of service you have provided is nothing less exemplary. You have managed to consistently exceed our expectations — you are always available and friendly, and always ready and eager to help. I will always remember the time when my alarm system emergency battery died over a weekend, and after raising it with you, I had a new battery set up within hours (on a sunny summer day where odds of needing my emergency battery were next to none). That high level of quality service is business as usual for you!

Dedication to customer service should be rewarded. Feel free to publish this satisfaction message on your website or to provide my contact information should prospective clients request a reference. I will be my pleasure to provide them with more examples of your commitment to service excellence!

– Jean-Guy St-Amour

“Excellent Experience”

I wanted to thank you and your team once again for the excellent experience my family and I had in choosing your company for a home alarm system. Right from the initial knock on the door to follow-up visit you performed after the completed installation — the whole experience was a good one.

We especially appreciated the zero-pressure discussions we had with your staff — at no time did we feel pressured in any way, on the contrary, your staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The installation team arrived on time and the work performed was flawless non-obtrusive.

Since the installation two months ago the alarm system and monitoring service have performed flawlessly. The alarm system is easy to use, and my family and I have had no problems learning how to operate it. Oh, and the cost savings over other alarm companies is greatly appreciated also.

– Marc

When you’re trying to make a decision between security providers, it’s important to listen to what their past and current clients have to say about their business. If you would like to see more proof of why we’re the best in the industry, you can find a number of glowing testimonials here.

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