Convicted Burglars Have Advice for You

What’s the best way to inform yourself about how to protect your home from break-ins? Going right to the source by learning from convicted burglars who are experts at it. Here we’ll share the tricks of the trade from those who know best and what you can do to better protect you and your family from becoming a victim.

Burglars Look for Easy Targets

Burglars prefer to target properties that have an easy entry and exit point so they can go in and out without being caught. To find the easiest entrance, they will usually watch specific properties for days, if not weeks, to determine the different household schedules and which areas of the home are most vulnerable and out of sight. And in fact, most thieves don’t have to break anything; they often come through an unlocked garage, side door, back window, or sliding glass door.

Thieves Work Hard to Avoid You

More than 80% of thieves reported that they would do everything in their power to avoid running into residents. They prefer to look for homes that appear abandoned or unoccupied during the day or night. Having light timers can make all the difference in whether your home is a target or not.

Convicted burglars take a number of steps to avoid leaving marks at the scene of a crime. Some purchase cheap shoes that they can use once and discard after a crime, and others wear gloves and socks to avoid leaving any fingerprints behind. A majority will also wear a hat to cover their hair in order to disguise themselves, which means having just a camera can do little to deter burglars.

Motion Lights Make Burglars Think Twice

Lights will deter burglars as well but only if they are out of reach. If the motion sensors can be accessed, it’s fairly simple to unscrew the bulbs.

Dogs Are Not Always a Deterrent

Many people believe that a dog will deter a burglar. But in fact, burglars find that most dogs can be preoccupied with snacks and food and that most are friendly enough to be easily calmed down.

So what advice does a convicted burglar have for you? Always lock your windows and doors, especially sliding glass doors in the back of the home. Having just a camera won’t be enough, you also need motion sensor lights that cannot be easily reached at the front and back entrances, along with steel deadbolt locks and 24/7 monitoring that will immediately alert authorities to prevent theft.

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