4 Strategies to Keep Your New Office Secure

Keeping your business safe and secure is one of the most crucial steps for any company to take, no matter the size or industry. When you’ve invested as much time, finances, and resources to your operation, taking certain measures to safeguard your business is always well worth the effort. Below are our top strategies to help keep your new office secure.

Keep It Organized

An office environment that is in disarray is always more prone to damage or theft. When there’s a lack of organization as a whole, things can easily slip through the cracks, leaving your business vulnerable. Focus on keeping your office organized by creating some fundamental routines to abide by each and every day. This should include locking your electronics when not in use, including your desktop, laptop and phone — storing any sensitive material safely and securely. Keep your files and desk neat and tidy at the end of each day to prevent important documents from being lost, stolen, or in view of the wrong set of eyes. 

Always Double Check Your Locks

When things get hectic, it can be easy to forget to lock down your office properly. But all it takes is one unlatched window or door to let thieves take advantage. That’s why it helps to always double check your locks when you’re heading out for the evening. Give those latches a second tug to ensure they are secured, especially during the warmer months when they’re open more often to let in some fresh air.

Give Your Employees ID Badges

Another great way to keep your new office secure is by having identity badges for all of your employees. Many businesses utilize this method, especially if they involve larger operations, to keep tabs of people coming and going through the office. This is a simple and effective security measure to help prevent uninvited guests from entering your office.

Install an Alarm System

With advanced systems that enable you to keep track of everything from the palm of your mobile device, more and more businesses are opting for security systems to safeguard their operations and deter theft. These can monitor any activity around the office, including unlocked doors and windows, unauthorized entry, and other emergency situations. They’re also equipped to notify authorities right away in the case of an intrusion or emergency.

When you’ve invested so much into your business, steering on the side of caution to keep your new office secure is essential. At Bee Alarmed, we are Ottawa’s leading security company specializing in commercial and home security to ensure maximum protection at the most affordable rate. For a customized security solution you can count on, contact us today to learn more. 

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