If you own a commercial property, keeping your business safe and sound from vandalism, shoplifting, employee theft, robbery, or even a fire, is crucial. Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, that business is important to your livelihood. That’s why having a quality security system in place is a must. At Bee Alarmed, we offer advanced, state-of-the-art security systems that can monitor and keep track of the comings and goings of your business. To learn how to get the most out of your commercial surveillance system, read on.

Determine All Necessary Areas That Require Surveillance

For any security system to be most effective, it’s vital to have them covering all angles of your business. Mapping out what you need to be captured, whether it’s faces, currency, or overall interactions with your business and employees, planning out the location of cameras should be carefully considered in order to get the most out of your commercial surveillance system.

Use Audio Security

Video surveillance can capture the visual happenings of people coming to and from your business, but they can’t capture what’s being said. Since most commercial surveillance cameras are not equipped with audio, you should always consider opting for an additional audio system. Just be sure to understand what the laws are surrounding the use of audio surveillance, especially in public locations.

Have a Certified Installer Set Up the System

No matter how technically savvy you think you are, our team are specifically trained and experienced in thoroughly understanding and installing commercial surveillance systems. So rather than take on the installation alone, let the experts handle it to ensure that your business is getting the most out of the security system.

Utilize the Apps to Manage System

Many advanced security systems today are integrated with software that allows verified users to manage and monitor what’s happening in their business right from their mobile device. Make sure to utilize that software to keep an eye on your business when you’re on the go.

Use A Reputable Company

Whether it’s a bakery, office complex, school, or something else, it’s important that whatever surveillance company you choose is reputable and understands the individual needs of your business. At Bee Alarmed, we take the time to thoroughly understand the security threats and surveillance systems that are necessary to safeguard your operations. That’s why each of our security systems is specifically tailored to each business.

With alarm installation, intrusion monitoring and response, ULC-Certified fire alarm monitoring, emergency services and video surveillance with remote monitoring, you can feel rest assured that your commercial property is in good hands. Contact us at Bee Alarmed to learn how you can get started today.

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