How to Assess Your Home’s Security

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your home? Protecting your most personal and valuable assets is important. And identifying the weaknesses around your home can help you recognize just how vulnerable it can be to intruders. Understanding and calculating these potential risks can provide you with an objective evaluation of the potential security threats that exist and how you can improve them in order to better safeguard your home and family.

Here are some ways to assess your home’s security.

Evaluate Entry Points

The first and most important step in assessing your home’s security is to inspect all of your points of entry. This includes the front door, back door, side door if one exists, and any low lying windows that could potentially be accessible. During your evaluation, inspect the condition of their security, including latches, locks, bolts, or even glass panels near doorways that could be easily broken to give access to an indoor lock.

Assess Outdoor Lighting

Another important factor for increasing your home security is to ensure that the exterior is well lit. This is especially necessary for those points of entry. So once the sun sets, take a walk outside to see what areas of your home could use some enhanced lighting. Motion detector lights are handy for this since they will turn on when they sense movement and then shut off automatically after.

What’s On Display

While you’re out inspecting the exterior of your home during the evening, take a look at your home from the walkway. What do you see? Maybe it’s your expensive flat screen, or your laptop perched on the table, or other valuable looking items that may look tempting to onlookers as they walk by. Being aware of what onlookers can view is important. Leaving your curtains wide open can entice intruders to target your home. So be sure to keep those curtains closed during the evenings, or keep your valuables out of sight.

There’s no place like home, and what you keep at home is important, personal and valuable. So always be mindful of the potential weaknesses that may exist with your home security. At Bee Alarmed, we offer tailored home security systems that can safeguard your home. Our advanced systems are top-of-the-line with a price range to suit any budget. Contact us today to learn more about our home security systems.

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