5 Things to Do Around Your House to Deter Intruders

If you’re a homeowner, you should always be mindful of ways that your home may be vulnerable or attractive to intruders. These scenarios never really seem likely to occur until, of course, they do. And all it takes is a few minutes for a burglar to gain access to your home and your possessions. But with a few careful adjustments and additions, you can safeguard your home. Here are five things to do around your house to deter intruders and reduce the likelihood of it becoming an easy target.

Have Good Exterior Lighting

Keeping your home illuminated and visible is important for deterring intruders. Without the veil of darkness, burglars are far less inclined to attempt to break into a home. If your outdoor lighting isn’t clearly illuminating the front door and any other potential accessible points of entry, consider installing motion sensor floodlights to detect any movement around your home.

Switch Up Routines

If everyone in your home is set on very predictable routines for coming and going from your house, this can make your home an attractive target. Burglars tend to case a neighbourhood before they decide to target it. And one thing that makes break-ins easier is knowing the routines of homeowners. So try whenever possible to switch up your routines. Maybe instead of having the dog walker come at a specific time each day, change up their schedule so they can come to the home at different times. Simple tactics like this can make it more difficult to pinpoint a good time for intruders to try and access the house.

Keep Curtains Closed During the Evenings

It doesn’t help when you have your lights on, curtains open and all of your valuables – like your fancy new electronics – on display. Keep your curtains closed once the evenings begin to darken to keep any wandering eyes away from your possessions. The less that can be seen from onlookers, the better.

Install a Home Security System

If you’re really serious about protecting your home against intruders, nothing can safeguard it like a good home security system. Today, the advancement of security systems give homeowners the ability to monitor any activity in or around the home, with mobile monitoring access, sensors on all windows and doors, notifications and 24-hour surveillance with access to emergency services if ever needed.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

If you’re new to the neighbourhood or just haven’t made an effort to introduce yourself, now’s the time to get to know your neighbours. Crime tends to occur much less in neighbourhoods that have a tighter knit community. So it doesn’t hurt to get friendly with your neighbours so you can keep an eye out for each other in case there’s any suspicious activity around the area.

When you feel the need to tighten up the security of your home, try these tricks, or give us a call at Bee Alarmed to learn how you can keep your home protected with one of the most reliable and affordable home security systems out there.

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