is your home vulnerable while on vacation

Did you know that break-ins are often caused by burglars who live close by? Being your neighbour makes it easy for them to learn your daily schedules and know when you’re not at home. That’s why your home is vulnerable while you’re on vacay. Flyers and newspapers piling up at your door, un-mowed lawns, and no lights on are all tell-tale signs for a burglar that you’ve left your home unmanned. What you need is a home security system that can ward off thieves and keep your possessions safe.

At Bee Alarmed, we offer the best in intrusion monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a break-in. Here’s how we can protect it.

Full Intrusion Monitoring

When you install our intrusion monitoring system, you get maximum protection for your home. With our door and window contacts, wireless motion detectors, motion-sensitive lights, and outdoor cameras, your home will have around-the-clock surveillance and protection. If an intruder comes close, your alarm will be triggered immediately and an alert will be sent directly to our operators.

Yard Signs And Window Decals

Based on recent studies, 60% of burglars said they avoid homes when they see an alarm system. That’s why we ensure you get everything you need to advertise your alarm system and ward off burglars. By putting up our visible yard signs and window stickers, you will let thieves know that even though you’re not there, your home is protected by a professional alarm company.

Remote Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment gives you live video monitoring to your devices anytime, anywhere. So whether you’re on the beach, or at the airport, you can check in on a live video feed to see if your home is vulnerable while you’re away on vacay.

World Class ULC-Certified Monitoring Station

With Bee Alarmed you get 24/7 monitoring from our world-class monitoring station. Once an alarm has been triggered, it instantly alerts one of our operators. No matter where you live in Canada, our location station is linked to a network of stations across Canada to ensure that no matter what the time is or what the weather conditions are, your home will always have round-the-clock monitoring.

Live Identification Measures

Once our Bee Alarmed operators get a notification that an alarm has been triggered, we attempt to identify the person through the video surveillance equipment and confirm the presence of an intruder. If something needs to be addressed, we follow up with the authorities immediately and dispatch them to your home to stop crime from happening in its tracks.

Don’t spend your entire trip worrying that your home is vulnerable while you’re on vacay. Talk to our committed team of experts on how you can get the peace of mind you need with an alarm system. We will tailor a home security system based on your needs to give your home the very best in security and surveillance protection.

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