Holiday Home Safety

December’s upon us, and that means bells will be ringin’, carols will be singin’, and your home could be left vulnerable while you’re out soaking up all of the holiday cheer. With so much activity happening around the holidays, now’s the time to spend a few moments before the hustle and bustle on brushing up on your holiday home safety practices. Here are some tips to remember this holiday season.

Check Carbon Monoxide Detector

When you’re at home during the cold December nights, remember that if you’re planning on using your fireplace, you should always make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is working properly. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can’t be detected by our senses and can be fatal if it goes undetected. Fireplaces are a common source for CO poisoning if there’s an obstruction in the chimney that can cause a reverse air-flow of the gas to linger within your home. Having a CO detector is a simple, effective and important tool to have in your home to keep you and your loved ones safe during those cozy, winter nights and always.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

With the flurry of activity throughout the holidays, it’s prime time for burglars to try and spot vulnerabilities that they can take advantage of. So always avoid advertising any potential vulnerabilities – especially your absence. If you’re heading out for a night or a few, ask a neighbor to collect any mail or newspapers, and to shovel, or have a friend come by to do it for you. Also, resist the temptation of advertising your plans on social media. Burglars are more tech savvy than you may think.

Avoid Leaving Your Home On Display At Night

When you take a walk through different neighbourhoods at night, it’s wonderful to see all of the twinkling homes and decorated interiors illuminated and on display. But it can also place the layout of a home – as well as any valuable contents – on display for scheming onlookers who are passing by. This is an important home holiday safety tip always to be mindful of. Avoid placing your interior contents on view at night, and remember to pull the blinds when you’re heading out and plan on being out past dark.

Bulk Up On Your Home Security

Having security features like a motion-detector spotlight is great, but it’s not much of a deterrent against theft. If you’ve been wary of your home security, there’s no better time than now to bulk up on it with a home security system. A home security system provides you with alarm installation and monitoring, camera, and video surveillance, and even detection services that will alert you and the authorities of any hazards, such as a fire or intrusion, that will keep you informed right from your smartphone.

Keep your home, your family, and your valuables safe this holiday season by ensuring that you pinpoint any vulnerabilities throughout your home. And when you’re ready to gain some solid peace of mind, contact us at Bee Alarmed to help you get started with your own home security system so you can enjoy the holidays, worry-free.

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