Smart Renting, Secure Home

When you’re a landlord, smart renting goes far beyond maximizing on your rental income. One of your biggest priorities should be to provide a secure and safe living environment for your tenants and for yourself. The best way to increase the security in your rental unit is to have all the necessary safety features installed. And when it comes to the best of the best for home security, you need a home alarm system that comes with surveillance capabilities. Here are just a few of the benefits that a home alarm system can provide for your rental property.

Connection for Immediate Assistance

With a home alarm system, you have around the clock customer care and support.  When a problem arises like a burglar alarm is set off, information is instantly sent to the respective authorities. This provides a connection to immediate help to ensure any issues are inspected and addressed without delay.

Crime and Theft Deterrent

Did you know that home break-ins happen every 90 seconds in Canada? Theft is common in Ottawa, but if a burglar sees an active alarm system, they will most likely avoid your home. So, there’s no better way to prevent crime and theft than to have a home alarm system with security cameras and window alarms that will scare off burglars and keep your tenants safe and sound.

Loss Prevention

When you’re renting a furnished space, you want a guarantee that your tenants won’t take off with any of your valuable possessions. Having security cameras at your front and back door can help catch tenants if they decide to leave with one of your favourite artworks, providing you with proof for your insurance and police report.

Fire Protection

With home fires being reported to a fire department roughly every 30 minutes in Canada, having a responsive home alarm system can help get your tenants quickly to safety in case a fire erupts. Home alarms are designed to immediately notify authorities when a fire alarm is activated, which provides help quickly to reduce the degree of damage and harm.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Carbon monoxide has no smell, taste, or colour, but has deadly effects. So if it seeps into your home you want to make sure you have a device that can warn your tenants of the leak. Having an alarm system with sensors that can detect carbon monoxide gas can save lives.

Lower Home Insurance

When you have a home alarm system installed, you will get to enjoy reduced insurance premiums. In most cases, a security system can get you savings upwards of 15% off your normal premium amounts. This can result in big cost benefits for you, and also fund the cost of your alarm system in the long term.

If you haven’t safety proofed your house, talk to us at Bee Alarmed. We are Ottawa’s leading home security service and alarm company. We can offer you peace of mind and maximum protection at an affordable price creating a smart renting, secure home plan.

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