What Should You Include in Your Daily Closing Checklist?

Running any type of business involves a lot of moving parts. And staying organized is critical for ensuring that you tackle everything that needs to get done in your small business  — especially those tasks like closing up shop. That’s why it’s important to have a daily checklist to keep track of any essential duties that need to be done before heading home for the evening. To keep your business safe and secure, here are some things to include in your daily closing checklist.

Clean & Restock

One hour prior to closing is generally a good time to start going over your inventory and preparing items that need to be restocked. Staff should also be cleaning up the stock area and storefront during this timeframe. This is helpful to do when customers are still browsing or while your daily business winds down.

Lock Perimeter Doors

Once the business is officially closed, lock the front door and any other perimeter doors. If you have any windows left open, don’t forget to close these too.

Perform a Walk About

Take a walk around the aisles and restrooms to make sure there are no customers lingering around. Remove any items and tidy up any necessary areas during your scan.

Close Down Registers & Settle Reports

Perform closing duties on your registers such as counting cash, balancing transactions, printing invoices, turning off computers, and locking up the register. Place any valuable items and important documents in your safe if need be.

Turn off Overhead Music & Work Displays

If you have music playing in the background, don’t forget to turn it off. And unplug or switch off any work displays or illuminated signs in the windows.

Turn off Lights & Air Conditioner

While it’s always a good idea to leave a few lights on, you don’t need to have them all on. So be sure to turn the majority of the lights off.

Activate Alarm System

As a common practice with the majority of businesses, always activate your security system once you and your employees are ready to head out the front door.

Let Your Employees Exit First

Allow your employees to exit first. This makes it easier to ensure you’re the last one out the door.

Double Check Locks

Before heading home, double check that the front door is locked and secured.

When you’re unsure of what to include in your daily closing checklist, use these steps as a guideline. And when you need a security system that can give you peace of mind when you leave your business empty each night, Bee Alarmed has just what you need. We work with each client to develop a security system that suits their individual business needs. Contact us to learn more about securing your small business.

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