5 Ways to Improve Your Loss Prevention Tactics

Your business is your lifeline — that’s why you need to keep it as safe and secure as possible. Employee theft and burglary are on the rise, so it’s important that you put the right systems in place to prevent loss and to protect your profits. Learn how you can improve your loss prevention tactics and make your business less susceptible to unnecessary risks.

CCTV Video Surveillance

Business owners who are seeking new ways to improve their loss prevention can improve their effectiveness with video surveillance. Bee Alarmed uses advanced video solutions with high-quality images, immediate playback, immediate visibility, and security alerts to improve coverage. The system can also be accessed remotely, which makes it easy for you to see what’s going on in and around your business, even when you’re not there.

Loss Prevention Training

It’s important to train your loss prevention employees on the new systems and how to respond when they receive an alert. This will allow your team to become more proactive against shoplifters and also deter employees from stealing in the first place. Our team will provide your staff with all the training that’s required to operate our systems and what to do if a situation arises.

ULC-Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring

If a fire breaks out in your building and you don’t have a system that notifies the authorities, you could lose all of your assets in one incident. At Bee Alarmed, our clients never have to worry. In the event of an emergency, we mobilize right away according to your specific dispatch procedures. With ULC-Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring you get 24/7 hour emergency services to ensure you have eyes keeping watch on your business no matter what the situation.

Intrusion Monitoring

Employees are not the only people you have to worry about when it comes to theft. Intrusion and burglary is a major concern for businesses, especially after hours. That’s why we offer comprehensive intrusion monitoring. If someone attempts to break in through a window, door, or truck door, our motion detectors and glass break devices will stop them in their tracks and notify our dispatchers to react immediately. In the event of an alarm, our monitoring station dispatchers can view all the cameras and see if there’s a valid alarm or activity to be concerned about.

We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your operation. Our trained customer service representatives will visit your business to determine the level of security that you need and what devices will work best for your operation. We will then custom design your commercial alarm monitoring system and teach you and your loss prevention teams how to use it. To get started today, contact us directly at Bee Alarmed, and one of our support staff will walk you through the process and set up an appointment.

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