protect children with video security alarm system

There reaches a time when kids crave independence and trust from their parents. That independence can’t come fast enough for kids, but usually comes far too quickly for parents. If your children are at the age where you think it may be time to trust them alone in the house, give yourself the upper hand with a state of the art video alarm system.  Here are some scenarios where a video alarm system will help you be more comfortable with leaving your children home alone.

Coming Home Alone After School

Each kid will be different, but once they reach a certain age where they can come home to an empty house after school, any parent can be put at ease with the addition of a video security system. With a quick check on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can watch your kids walk through the front or back doors or check in on their after-school activities. Knowing that your kids are home safe is the peace of mind that you crave as a parent expanding your children’s boundaries. Now you’ll no longer have to panic if you’re stuck in traffic on the Queensway or if your meeting runs a little late.

Staying Home Alone for Parents’ Date Night

The great thing about your kids getting older is that you can slowly increase their responsibilities and independence. Test the waters by going out on a date night and leaving your kids at home alone. You can monitor any comings and goings through your security system, and if you have cameras placed in the kitchen you can check in to see what they are choosing to eat for dinner in your absence!

Coming Home for Lunch

If you live in walking distance to your children’s school, it might be a nice treat to allow your kids to come home for lunch once they’re old enough. Check in on your camera to make sure your children arrive and depart at the right times. A little phone call reminder to “go back to school” may be in order, but you can easily see the activity in your house.

Be Alerted to any External Intrusions When Kids are Home Alone

When you are leaving your children home alone, their safety within the house is your main concern. It’s important to be able to monitor them but it’s also important to ensure no intruders make their way into your house. Having a video security system in place will alert you to any external intrusions and allow you to be constantly aware of what is going on in your home.

Kids grow up fast, there is no denying that. Allow the modern technology available in home alarm systems to help you towards trusting your kids to be at home alone.

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