alarm system keeps parents safe

When we think of an alarm system, we may think of security against intruders. However there are many other uses that an alarm system can perform. For instance, there is an aging community in Ottawa and many older adults wish to remain in their homes as opposed to going to a retirement home. The concern with this is that elderly people don’t always have the means to take care of themselves on their own and are more prone to accidents or forgetful moments. It is possible that having an alarm system installed in a senior’s home can increase the comfort levels of their loved ones. Here’s how:

Family Members Can Check In

It is not always possible to visit an aging family member every day, however it is important that eyes are on a senior as much as possible. It’s very easy for a senior to slip and fall and be unable to call for help. By having a video alarm system installed in the home family members can get a visual of the senior and be reassured that they are in good standing.

Protect the Home from Intruders

You want to make sure Mom and Dad are safe at all times. An active alarm system will help ward off would-be intruders from targeting your parents’ home in the first place, so you can sleep soundly. In the event of a home invasion, emergency procedures will kick in right away. If your Mom and Dad like to travel in the summer months or spend their winters down south, you can make sure the home is kept safe if it is targeted by intruders who notice no one is home.

Medical Emergency Dispatch

If Mom or Dad has an accident in the home, slips and falls, or is otherwise injured, they can be immediately be connected with our operator with the push of a button. The operator will begin emergency dispatch of an ambulance to get the help they need right away. The operator can talk with your loved one and notify you, other family members, or neighbours as outlined the emergency protocol that you set out.

There are many reasons why a home alarm system is a valuable asset to any home. The added benefit of being able to look over an aging parent or loved one from afar is a comfort to both caregiver and the care receiver. For more information on how an alarm system can help monitor your aging loved ones please feel free to contact Bee Alarmed, an expert Ottawa alarm company for all of your security needs.

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