Summer is almost upon us. And that means it’s time to clean up the backyard and get it ready for all of those glorious backyard, patio-lounging days. With extended outdoor activity, it’s important to take a few precautions to keep everyone – especially the little ones – safe and sound. Whether it’s a staycation, opening pool season, BBQing, or just gardening day – keep these backyard safety tips in mind.

Lawn & Garden

When it’s time to fire up the lawn mower and start prepping the garden beds, don’t forget to first scan over your yard to clean away any debris like twigs or pebbles that could get caught up or fling away and injury someone. And always lock up your tools safely and keep the kids out of the way from the mower when it’s in use.

If you need to use a chainsaw or trimmer, wear protective glasses and gear and ensure children are at a safe distance and supervised.

BBQ Grill

If you’ve got a grill station where all of the BBQ magic happens, there are always some safety tips to consider before firing it up for the season. Remember to place that fire extinguisher back outside in an easy-to-grab spot just in case. Also, if you’ve tucked the BBQ in close to the house for the winter, don’t forget to relocate it away from the siding or any flammable area that could be damaged.

Pool Preparation

If you have a pool in your backyard, there are a ton of items that need to be prepared for the season. So make sure that you have the proper chemical levels in place so that the water is safe to swim in along with all of the necessary maintenance that’s required. Also, always keep toys away from the side of the pool so they don’t pose as tripping hazards. Use a pool alarm for added safety measures and make sure that children don’t have access to the pool without an adult.

The Deck & Playground

The deck and any play equipment can take a beating over the winter months. So check them over to ensure they are safe to use. There might be splinters or weakened areas after the ice and snow. Tighten any bolts, sand down any rough patches and pay attention when children are playing.

The backyard is where the whole family gets to embrace the warmer weather anytime they want in the comfort of home. So ensure your backyard is a fun and safe environment this summer with these helpful tips.

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