Although no one likes to think that a home invasion will happen to them or their family, it is entirely possible and no one is 100% immune. There are measures you can take to prevent home invasions, however if someone is desperate enough to enter your home they may disregard the apparent consequences and choose to invade your home. Whether it be out of desperation, mental illness, personal vendetta, or just bad luck, the truth is home invasions happen every day all over the country.

Home Security System

Naturally having a home security system is an excellent defence against home invasions. When most home invaders hear a triggered alarm, they are more likely to flee the scene and seek out a less protected home. Having signage of your home’s security system planted around the perimeter of your home is a great deterrent for burglars as well. People who may have been the potential target of a home invasion may never know because signage is such an effective way of warding off petty criminals.

When a Home Invasion Happens

Even if safeguards are made and a security system is in place, it is possible that you may find yourself face to face with someone who wishes to do you harm in your own house. It’s important to remember that tangible things and personal stuff can all be replaced, but the lives of you and your family are irreplaceable.

Try not to provoke or anger someone who has broken into your house, especially if there is a weapon present. You likely do not know why they have chosen to invade your home and you do not know what their mental state is at the time of the invasion. Be as calm as possible and take action only as you see fit to. If you have a security system, our monitoring system will be immediatedly alerted. Once it is verified that the alarm was not triggered by accident, emergency response protocol will begin and help will be on the way. However if you do not have a home security system, the only important task for you is to get you and your family to safety. Forget about all worldly possessions and focus on safety.

Living through a home invasion can seriously impede your sense of safety within your own home. Doing everything you can in your power to prevent your home and family from being victims is your best defence against home invaders. Be sure to arm your home with the best security system you can, do not wait for something bad to happen to start protecting your home.

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