Is your business secure when you’re not there? In Canada, business theft is a common occurrence. And if you don’t have a security system that can monitor your business 24/7 to prevent burglars from gaining access to your valuables, you could be putting your company at risk of major losses. Instead of putting your business in a vulnerable situation, check out these five ways to gain peace of mind over your small business using Bee Alarmed.

Advanced Security

Heavy-duty locks and tinted windows won’t cut it when a burglar targets your business. You need a surveillance and alarm system that will keep thieves away and also notify the appropriate authorities as soon as an alarm is activated. At Bee Alarmed, we provide advanced security systems that are specifically tailored to your business’ needs and layout. Whether you need intrusion monitoring, emergency services access, video surveillance, fire alarm monitoring, alarm response or all of the above, we can provide total security control for your small business.

Smart Tech Monitoring

With our advanced video surveillance system, you can monitor your business from anywhere at any time. By way of a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can receive the live video feed and alerts and see what’s going on in and outside of your small business with just the click of a button.

Evidence For Court

If a break-in or theft occurs, you need substantial evidence that it happened in order to press charges. When you have a video surveillance system protecting your business, you can catch the crime right on camera and have all the evidence you need for court.

Employee Monitoring

Many incidents of theft occur from inside your business operations. With a surveillance system installed, you can track your employee’s comings and goings as well as anyone else who enters your business. We can also install cameras strategically around your office to ensure your valuables are safe and your employees are not doing anything they’re not supposed to.

Live Verification

At Bee Alarmed, we also offer remote monitoring and live verification. In the case that an alarm is triggered, agents at our ULC-certified monitoring station can remote in and check to see if your business is under threat. If they find anything suspicious, they will immediately contact the appropriate authorities to deal with the situation and protect your business.
We take care of safety so that you can get down to business. We offer the highest quality equipment and accessories that will protect your business 24/7/365, so you can gain peace of mind over your small business. Contact us at Bee Alarmed today to learn more about our small business services and to book an appointment with our team to evaluate your company’s security needs.

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