Your business is your pride and joy so, of course, you want to ensure that it’s safe and protected against any theft – both outside and inside of the office. To help safeguard your establishment, here are five common business practises that deter thievery and help reduce the overall likelihood of crime.

Implementing Advanced Locking Systems

If a burglar has to use excessive force to enter, they may decide against it. Deadbolts are commonly installed on business entrances because they cannot be opened by sliding material between the door jamb and edge. In fact, many businesses have switched to key-swipe access systems that record who enters and when. The harder you make it for internal staff and burglars to enter your property, the less likely they will target your business.

Locking Valuables Up

A standard business practice to deter thievery is to lock any valuables up when not in use. Installing a company safe is an easy and cost-effective way to lock away spare laptops, money, expensive equipment, and any confidential information and contracts that could be stolen or compromised.

Installing Window Security

If a burglar can’t see inside your business to map the place out, they will likely pass to find an easier target. By using frosted windows or by merely keeping the blinds closed after hours, you can keep what’s inside away from lingering eyes.

Many businesses in areas that have frequent break-ins install burglar-resistant glass. This type of glass is tough to break and requires continual hammering in order to gain access. Some businesses even go a step further and implement window alarms matched with decals that warn burglars that the business is protected.

Mounting Motion Sensor Lighting

Adding motion sensor lighting outside the office can also help to prevent break-ins at night. When activated, the illumination can startle a thief and make them stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise dark space. Plus, lighting allows the security cameras to videotape every detail of the burglar, which can help to identify them even if they evade the police.
Hiring a Professional Security Company

Having an alarm system is your best protection. Over 60% of burglars say they avoid places when they see an alarm system. When you install an advanced alarm system, like the ones offered from Bee Alarmed, you get 24/7 monitoring that instantly alerts an operator when the alarm has been activated. The operators will then use video surveillance to confirm the presence of a burglar and follow up with the authorities.

When you install a security system from Bee Alarmed, you get everything you need to ward off burglars and stop them in their tracks. We provide state-of-the-art security systems for your business that includes everything from comprehensive intrusion monitoring systems to video surveillance. Contact us today to find out what we can offer your business to help deter thievery.

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