Convicted Burglars Have Advice for You

What’s the best way to inform yourself about how to protect your home from break-ins? Going right to the source by learning from convicted burglars who are experts at it. Here we’ll share the tricks of the trade from those who know best and what you can do to better protect you and your family […]

What Should You Include in Your Daily Closing Checklist?

Running any type of business involves a lot of moving parts. And staying organized is critical for ensuring that you tackle everything that needs to get done in your small business  — especially those tasks like closing up shop. That’s why it’s important to have a daily checklist to keep track of any essential duties […]

3 Benefits of a Business Close-Up Checklist

3 Benefits of a Business Close-Up Checklist

Burglars don’t just make a random decision one day to target your business. They stake it out. They watch your employee’s behaviour, test your security and look for vulnerabilities before making a move. All it takes is one little mistake, like a window left open or a side door unlocked, for a burglar to gain […]