Neighbourhood Safety 101: How to Ensure Your Kids are Safe

As much as we try to always keep an eye on our kids, eventually it can be impossible to keep up as they continue to grow and develop their sense of independence. As they head out to explore and play with friends, it’s natural for us parents to worry about their safety. The world is a much different place nowadays, and with the rates of crime increasing, it has made us more aware of the dangers and risks they can face even within their own neighbourhood. If you’re wondering how to ensure your kids are safe, here are our top tips for creating a safer environment close to home.

Neighbourhood Watch Program

What better way to help make your neighbourhood safer than by getting the neighbours involved? Neighbourhood Watch Programs have been around for years, and for a good reason – they help keep an eye on activity that happens in and around the area. This can keep everyone informed of any suspicious activity and prompt them to take the appropriate steps in the case of an incident, like notifying the police.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

If the Neighbourhood Watch Program isn’t exactly the route you’d like to take, then make sure to at least get to know your neighbours. Even if you’re not too keen on socializing, it’s important for the safety of you and your family. Have them over for a barbeque, accept their invitations to dinner, or invite them to the pool party. Get to know where they work, if they’re home during the day, whether they have kids or teenagers, how long they’ve lived in the area. The more you can get to know them, the more you can be aware of who is living near you and what might look suspicious or out of the ordinary. Plus, it’s nice to know who you can trust to look out for your kids when they’re outside playing.

Improve Lighting Around Your Home & Neighbourhood

Adequate lighting is a simple but crucial part of keeping kids and your local area safer. Add motion detector lights around the exterior and walkways, and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Motion sensor lights are ideal for enhancing the security around the perimeter of the house so that intruders can’t hide under the cloak of darkness.

Organize Community Events

To encourage your neighbours to get out, mingle and feel more comfortable spending time outside with their kids, organize a local event for your street. This could be a cookout, a street sale, or a fun gathering in the park where everyone can enjoy music, games and a fun time getting to know more of the people who live around them.

Install A Security System

When it comes down to really securing your home and kids, nothing is quite as effective as a security system. These have come a long way over the years, and today, the advanced systems make it easy to monitor any activity that happens in or around your home. With around-the-clock care, video surveillance, and the ability to see what’s happening from your mobile device, you can give your home and family the best protection, day or night.

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