How Having Insurance and Monitoring Services Go Hand In Hand

Not quite sure if you need a monitoring service for your home when you already have insurance? Find out why your coverage isn’t enough to keep your home safe and secure, and why having insurance and monitoring services go hand in hand.

Insurance Protects You In Case Of Theft

Most homeowner’s insurance will provide coverage in the event of theft, break and entering, and burglary. Depending on the type of policy you purchase, the coverage will replace or reimburse you for most personal belongings that are stolen, and it will likely cover the costs to fix any areas that are damaged such as the windows or doors. However, each policy will have certain coverage exclusions and be subject to a limit – a maximum amount that will be paid to cover a loss. If damage or lost items exceed this amount or are exempt from the list, you’ll be left to pay out of pocket. In reality, insurance only serves as a safety net and does not provide you with the utmost protection. That’s why your insurance policy should always be accompanied by a home monitoring system that will prevent burglars from entering your home in the first place.

Monitoring Prevents Theft From Occurring

A majority of break-ins are never fully compensated, so the more protection you can have, the better. A home monitoring system can prevent theft from occurring in the first place. Burglars often look for easy targets and stray from properties that have cameras that are monitored by third-party services, with motion-activated lighting and alarm systems.

Together You Save Money

Did you know that a security system can help lower your home insurance rates? It’s true! Many insurance companies will offer a reduced premium when you make your home more secure. A home monitoring service adds an extra layer of protection for your home and reduces the overall risk to the insurer. And if your system is monitored by a third party that installs and maintains the equipment, you’re more likely to receive a larger discount. It’s truly a win-win.

As you can see, homeowner’s insurance and monitoring systems go hand in hand. Having both greatly improves the security of your home and also can save you money. If you need a monitoring system that will provide you with the greatest protection and biggest insurance discount, contact us at Bee Alarmed. We offer ULC-certified monitoring from a station right here in Ottawa that is linked to a network of stations to ensure that you always have coverage in the case of an emergency. Having this kind of protection means that as soon as an alarm is triggered, our operators are instantly alerted and the appropriate authorities will be dispatched immediately. Don’t leave your security to chance, always protect your home and family with insurance and monitoring services! Learn more today!

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