The Top 7 Practical Uses of Video Surveillance

At one point, video surveillance was solely used to protect homes and buildings from break-ins. Nowadays, in addition to this, security cameras can be used in a number of interesting ways. This is why they’re becoming quite a useful tool to have for your home and business. Take a closer look at all the practical uses of video surveillance below.

Can Help With An Insurance Claim

Video surveillance can now be used to help you win with an insurance claim dispute. Having a video of a natural disaster or flood and fire damage can be used to show exactly what happened to your home and also speed up the process that’s usually a lengthy one. Having live footage will help the insurance company assess the impact and calculate damages more effectively.

Improve Employee Safety

Installing video surveillance in and around your business space can also be used to protect employees. The camera can record instances of employee harassment and also keep a record of each visitor that comes into the building.

Protect Companies From Lawsuits

It just takes one bad egg to sink a business. If you don’t have video surveillance recording all business operations, you’re making a big mistake. If an employee tries to run a scam by faking an accident or makes false accusations, you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Surveillance cameras can give an accurate depiction of what really happened in any situation and prevent your company from going out of business.

Monitor Your Home When You’re Away

Do you worry that your home could become vulnerable to break-ins when you are away? The latest security systems offer the ability to access the camera through mobile apps so you can easily check what’s happening inside or outside of your home when you’re at work or on vacation. This includes watching what your dog’s getting up to and if your landscaper is really doing their job.

Protect Parking Lots

Large parking lots can be difficult to monitor. Since it’s not always feasible to hire more than one guard, installing video surveillance around the lot can help add an extra layer of protection. Having a number of cameras that feed into one monitoring area is just like having 10 active guards. The more cameras you have, the easier it becomes to catch thieves and prevent incidents before they even happen. Additionally, if someone parking in the lot makes a claim that their car got hit, you can check if that is actually true.

Keep Entire Neighborhoods Safe

Having a security camera can also help to keep your entire community safe. Police and investigation units have started to use video feed from surrounding businesses and homes to catch perpetrators and look for any suspicious activity that could lead to a crime.

Create A Home Automation Process

Advanced Security systems can also help turn your home into a smart space. Today, cameras can be used to send email notifications when movement is detected, send footage to cloud storage, and even communicate with other devices to perform things like controlling the lights, locks and more. Security automation is the future – are you ready?
Installing a security camera at your home or business can have a wide range of uses and benefits. It’s not just a good investment; it’s a necessary one in today’s world. For a selection of high-quality security cameras, feel free to contact us at Bee Alarmed. We do installations, too!

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