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Some Canadians love the snow, while others would prefer to shut their windows and doors and wait warm and cozy inside for the snow to melt and the birds to start chirping again. The reality is, most of us spend more time indoors in the winter than we do in the summer or springtime.

March Break Vacations

As we approach spring months, we start to think about all of the exciting things we will be doing outdoors. First on the list may be a much-deserved vacation over March Break. March Break is a very common time for people to go away, especially people with children. This means that a large number of homes are left empty and unprotected at the same time which can mean a free-for-all for those up to no good. Think about having a home security system installed before you make any travel arrangements. This way you have peace of mind that your home and your belongings are safeguarded even when you are on a beach soaking up some sun!

Time Spent Outdoors

The warmer weather also entices us to do something we may not have done in months; leave our house! Frequent trips to the cottage become a more common occurrence and long days spent at the park or your local beach. Whatever gets you out of the house is great, but ensure you have properly protected your house every time you leave with an expertly installed alarm system.

Fire Monitoring

It’s not just burglars that you need to be wary of when you leave your home unattended. Fire is a huge cause of property damage, and a house fire can quickly cause terrible and irreparable damage. The faster a fire is addressed by the fire department, the better chance your house has of surviving the ordeal. If you have a home security system installed and your house catches on fire or smoke is detected, especially if you are away from your home, you can rest assured that the proper authorities will be alerted to the fire and help will be sent as quickly as possible. A matter of minutes makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a house fire.

An empty house can mean that you are off having fun together as a family. But it also means that your most expensive investment is left vulnerable and alone. Before the spring and summer weather really takes off, and you along with it, invest in your house and your future by arming yourself with a proper home security system.

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