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Exterior Security

  • Keep tools, ladders and garbage pails locked away.
  • Keep bicycles, barbecues and lawn equipment securely stored.
  • Have adequate exterior lighting.
  • Trim trees and shrubs that could easily hide intruders.
  • Don’t leave notes on your door.
  • Don’t leave spare keys hidden outside – they can be found.
  • Don’t use a nameplate outside of your house with your full name. A criminal can use this information to look up your number in the phone book and call to see if you are home.

Vacation Security Tips

  • Inform trusted neighbours or relatives of your vacation plans and where you can be reached. Leave a key with them so they can check your house.
  • Have a neighbour park a car in your driveway, and pick up your mail, newspapers and flyers.
  • Ask a neighbour to put one of their garbage bags in front of your house on collection day.
  • Don’t order merchandise for delivery while you are away, and cancel regular deliveries.
  • Don’t talk about your vacation plans with strangers or service people.
  • Use your work address on your luggage tags so a potential criminals won’t know where your empty house is.
  • Secure or remove valuables and firearms from your home.
  • Leave your house with a lived-in look. Use automatic timers to turn on lights and radios.
  • Have your lawn cut or snow removed while you are away.
  • If you come home and see a door ajar or a window broken, call the police immediately. NEVER enter the dwelling. If it looks suspicious – don’t hesitate – call police.

Ottawa Police Service Safety and Prevention Tips

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