Reducing false alarms.

False alarms are no laughing matter. Aside from the negative effects they can have on your own sense of comfort and safety, they can cost both you and the police or fire department’s time and resources that could be spent on serious matters.

Before you have your home alarm system installed, here are some tips to know beforehand that can help to reduce those false alarms from your residential home security system.

Memorize Security Code

One of the main reasons for alarms being falsely set off is often due to incorrect security codes being entered into the system. We know how frustrating it can be to memorize the abundance of passwords and codes that life demands on a daily basis, but it is imperative that you remember this one. Choose a passcode that you can easily remember that sticks out in your mind.

Once you’ve chosen the passcode, ensure that all authorized users in your home have it memorized completely, as well.

Inform Provider of New Passcode

Of course, there are times when you may need to alter your passcode. When you do, always contact your system provider and inform them of the change. Any alterations must be notified and documented.

Secure Pets

With our furry little loved ones, it can sometimes just take just a simple wrong step to set off that system. So try to always plan ahead before locking up by securing your pets so that they can’t wander passed the entrance way or anywhere that will initiate the alarm. You can request pet-immune motion sensors which only respond to motion by a subject over 50 pounds or so. These motion sensors will not be triggered by most household pets.

Secure Doors and Windows

Before you initiate that security system, always ensure that all of your doors and windows are securely shut and locked. And avoid re-entering the home without disarming the system. Although some systems do have a lag period, you shouldn’t risk setting it off for the sake of simply spending a few extra seconds disarming it instead and re-initiating it when you’re ready to leave.

Maintain System

Another common reason that can affect false alarms that not many people are aware of is simply having weak batteries in the system. To avoid this, always service and maintain your system, ensuring that the batteries are good and charged.

Take out the added anxiety and aggravation that comes along with false alarms. No one wants to endure these, especially the police or fire patrol. So before you have that system installed, ensure that each of these factors are implemented so that you can reduce and hopefully eliminate any potential false alarms from your home security system.

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