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Shopping for a home security system can be tricky. With so many companies on the market claiming to provide the same service, it can difficult to decide where to begin. Here are three questions to consider when asking what to look for in a home security company.

What kind of technology and contracts are available?

In recent years, home security systems have come a long way. Consider what features in a system and plan could be beneficial to you. Are you planning to move before your contract ends? Do you have children or pets that could accidentally set off an alarm? Do you travel a lot and need to be able to control your lights or thermostat from another location? There are so many systems and plans available that the right security system should be able to be tailored to you. What to look for in a home security company first should be the kind of protection you need for your home.

At Bee Alarmed, we offer a wide range of residential security systems and video surveillance equipment to keep your home safe at all times. We come to your house at your convenience to meet with you and get a deep understanding of your security needs and lifestyle. From there, we create a fully customized package of your choosing. Every last detail can be personalized, from how many detectors to include to the protocol to be followed after an alarm signal.

Are the phone lines staffed with local, trustworthy representatives?

One of the most important things to look at when considering what to look for in a home security company is customer service that is available 24/7, with staff available in the same area as you live in. You should not be connected with foreign representatives when you call, or be subjected to endless automation. Our primary ULC-certified monitoring station is located right here in Ottawa with friendly, knowledgeable operators. The local station is connected to a network across Canada to ensure coverage even in the event of a local emergency.

It is also important that licensed, experienced technicians are available to respond to repair requests at your home the same day you experience any issues with your system. We respond to and resolve any issue, no matter how big or small, within 24 hours.

What do past clients say?

Don’t take the word of a company representative or a commercial on the radio – what do paying customers have to say? There is no better way to understand how a company represents itself in day-to-day dealings than to talk to current and past clients. Ask for testimonials and references. Do some research on your own for online reviews. What is the overall consensus? Does the company seem attentive? Do they have a strong reputation for customer service? How did they handle setbacks? Would a past client work with them again? The answers to these questions can tell you everything you need to know about hiring a home security company.

The reason you are looking for a home security system is that you want your home to be safe. Without taking measures to prevent problems from happening, the home security company you are paying for is failing to protect you.

Bee Alarmed is a leading home security company in the Ottawa area. We offer maximum protection and an affordable price. Get in touch to learn more or to book a consultation!

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