keeping home safe while on vacation

Whether you are going on a weeklong family vacation to Florida or just attending a business meeting in Toronto, you want to be safe in the knowledge that your home will be safe when you return. However, nothing ruins a trip more than coming home to a house that isn’t the way you left it. While planning your next vacation or business trip, keeping your home safe when you’re away should be a top priority.

Make your home as secure as possible

Locking doors and windows is obvious and should be done, but your locks are not always as secure as they seem. Be sure that your doors and windows are in good shape, and if you haven’t done so, install sturdy window and door locks. If you travel often, consider having a home security system installed by a trusted home security company in Ottawa.

Criminals are deterred by a well-lit property. Leave an exterior light on while you’re away, if possible. Motion lights, or a regular light with a timer, are best for conserving energy.

Make it look like someone is home

Creating the appearance that people are home is a great way of keeping your home safe while you’re away. If you’re leaving a vehicle behind, consider parking it conspicuously in your driveway instead of hiding it in a garage or carport. Mow the lawn before you leave. Put interior lights on a timer to make it look like someone is living in your house while you’re gone.

Do not publicly announce your departure

This is easier said than done in today’s world. While sharing the dates and details of your vacation on social media is fun, it also alerts potential burglars to the vulnerability of your home. Focus on your time away while you’re gone, and save the vacation photos and stories for when you get back. If you must share updates from the road, make sure that your social media settings are very strict to limit the number of people aware of your absence.

Do tell a neighbour or friend that you’ll be gone

It is no longer recommended to alert the police department when traveling for extended periods of time. A trustworthy neighbour is the only one you need to tell, and they will be a great asset for keeping your home safe while you’re away. Choose someone who you trust to keep an eye on your house for you. Have this person bring your mail in and check your house to make sure everything is okay once a day. This person can also be responsible for turning different lights and electronics on once a day if you don’t have them on a timer. If you will be gone an extended period of time, ask them to do some light yard work and keep up the exterior of your home. This is especially important if you are travelling in the fall or winter months, as piling leaves or untouched snow is a sure sign that the home is unoccupied.

Safe travels from the entire team at Bee Alarmed!

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