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This winter, why not give yourself the gift of a worry-free vacation and some peace of mind? Whether you have a Caribbean vacation circled on the calendar, you’re heading to the cottage for Reading Week, or you’ve got a skip trip planned, you deserve to have a safe home while you travel. We’re talking about a home security system – the ultimate assistant to help ease your worries and allow you to fully embrace that rest and relaxation while you’re away from home.

Here are just a few good reasons why you get on board with home security this year.

Personalize Passcodes

Home security systems come with a personalized passcode that you set. Only you and whomever you share that code with can enter your home without setting off an alarm that notifies security and authorities. You can rest assured knowing that only you (and whomever you trust) have access to your home.

Protect Pets and Valuables

And whether you have furry loved ones staying home or valuables lying around,  monitoring systems can give you the confidence in knowing they are safe. Give your most valuable possessions the protection they deserve this year.

Fire Protection

If you’re away for the holidays and have a house sitter looking after your home and pet, you can relax knowing that your security system is a fire detection service as well. Any signs of a fire or smoke and emergency services will be dispatched if needed.

Monitor from the Palm of Your Hand

Of course, one of the best features about a security system is being able to take advantage of the technology and convenience that comes along with it. Whatever happens at home, you will be notified and can monitor any situation from your mobile device, anywhere in the world.

Avoid Hiring a House Sitter

Since you already have your bases covered and your valuables safeguarded, you can avoid the hassle of having to find someone to house sit your home while you are away. Having to endure the process of finding a reliable and available person can take the joy out of your vacation time before it even begins. Ditch the hassle and have it all taken care of each and every time.

There’s really no better time to invest in a home security system than during the winter. Life becomes so hectic that it’s hard to keep track of how well we have locked down our home. And the simple doubt can end up throwing a damper on any plans – even your vacation. Have a home security system installed to safeguard your home – it might just be the best investment you make!

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