5 Reasons Your Home May be More Vulnerable than You Thought

Being aware of the most vulnerable areas of your home can help you recognize any easy points of access for burglars. Since you’re not at home every moment of the day, installing a security system to monitor any activity around your perimeter can help keep your home safe. Learn how to better safeguard your house with this list of five reasons why your home may be more vulnerable than you thought.

Flimsy Front Door and Lock

Of course, since your front entrance is usually the focal part of the home that’s on display, it’s important to have this area well protected. Having a weak or flimsy door and lock can make it easy for someone with experience to gain access to your home. When it comes to your door and lock, never cheap out. Having a solid, sturdy, and secure entranceway is always a worthwhile investment.

A Vulnerable Back Door

With the back door being out of sight and conveniently hidden, it tends to be one of the most common ways burglars enter a home. But you can also reduce the likelihood of this happening by taking a few measures, such as installing a fence with a locked gate, installing motion detector lighting, having a security system and video surveillance in place, and even having a dog that will react to any noise.

Curtains are Left Open With Everything on Display

Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, a robbery or crime can happen anywhere, especially when you least expect it. Leaving your blinds or curtains wide open during the evening time with your entire home on display can make your home very vulnerable to theft. Thieves often scour neighbourhoods to scope out potential homes to target. So having your flat screen, crystal vase, and other valuables on display is never a good idea.  Thankfully, you can eliminate this vulnerability by simply pulling the curtains closed as the dimmer evenings set in.

Unlocked Basement or Garage Door

The basement and garage are usually areas of the home that aren’t given much thought. But these can be particularly vulnerable too since there’s often a door that provides access to your home. And, keeping these doors locked isn’t something we always remember to do. Get in the habit of always locking your basement or garage doors behind you at all times.

You Don’t Have a Security System in Place

Studies have shown that security systems are one of the biggest deterrents for theft. So without one, you’re leaving your home susceptible to a break in. Having a system in place can safeguard all of your access points, including all windows and doors. They can detect signs of intrusion (in addition to smoke and fire) and contact the appropriate authorities to dispatch them right away.

Thinking about your home’s vulnerable points isn’t always easy to do, especially since it’s something most of us would rather avoid thinking about. But by assessing these points, homeowners like you can learn how to identify unprotected areas of the house and take necessary action to improve home security. At Bee Alarmed, we can work with you to create a customized alarm system for your home. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started!

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