5 Ways to Stay Safer This Summer

5 Ways to Stay Safer This Summer

That perfect time is nearly here – the summer holidays! And with the kids off for a few months, it’s important to prepare your home so that they’ll be safe all summer long. Follow these 5 ways to stay safer this summer. Keep Windows and Doors Closed Even when it’s hot outside, it’s wise to […]

5 Things Every Homeowner Should Do

Is your home adequately protected against burglars and theft? Whether you’ve just bought a new home or have been living in it for a decade, it’s important to perform a security check now and again to ensure your property is as secure as possible. Start your inspection today by following these five things every homeowner […]

Remember This Before Leaving on Summer Vacation

Many Canadians often forget to perform a proper circle check of their home or even notify their neighbours before going away on vacation – but these are two big mistakes that can cost you. Don’t leave your property vulnerable to theft. Protect your home and gain peace of mind when you’re abroad by remembering to […]

How Do Home Alarms Work?

Security systems are important for enhancing our safety. But have you ever wondered how exactly home alarms work to keep you and your family safe? Check out our quick guide here that will give you a real inside look into how alarms operate to keep your home protected (and why they’re a must-have for any […]

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