Burglary and Break and Entering Forecasts 2019

Property crime has been a concern for many Canadian cities – especially in Ottawa. Just last year there were 2686 breaking and entering incidents reported to the police in the Ottawa area. If the numbers continue in this direction, we can expect burglary and break ins to increase well into 2019, especially with the following […]

Why Commercial Alarm Systems are Vital for Franchisees

Does your head office have an alarm system, but your franchisees don’t? Even if your headquarters has adequate security, you are still at risk if you don’t have a system at each one of your franchise locations. Let us show you why commercial alarm systems are vital for franchisees and how they can safeguard your […]

How Do Home Alarms Work?

Security systems are important for enhancing our safety. But have you ever wondered how exactly home alarms work to keep you and your family safe? Check out our quick guide here that will give you a real inside look into how alarms operate to keep your home protected (and why they’re a must-have for any […]

4 Strategies to Keep Your New Office Secure

Keeping your business safe and secure is one of the most crucial steps for any company to take, no matter the size or industry. When you’ve invested as much time, finances, and resources to your operation, taking certain measures to safeguard your business is always well worth the effort. Below are our top strategies to […]

Read Just Some of Our Many Success Stories

Why has Bee Alarmed quickly become a leading home alarm and security provider in the Ottawa area? We believe it has something to do with our dedication in providing superior customer care, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few of our many success stories from our customers to help you […]

Convicted Burglars Have Advice for You

What’s the best way to inform yourself about how to protect your home from break-ins? Going right to the source by learning from convicted burglars who are experts at it. Here we’ll share the tricks of the trade from those who know best and what you can do to better protect you and your family […]

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